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Welcome to my website where you will find a list of all the superbly relaxing therapies I offer at my treatment room in Rothwell, Northants. 

Recently my Daughter in Law, Jess, joined me and we share the Om Shanti Shed. Jess specialises in Pregnancy Massage as well as offering other relaxing modalities.

As well as being a therapist I also teach Holistic Massage and Beauty Therapy - details of my courses can be found by on my training website or by clicking on the link at the top of this page


I am a Doula and a member of Doula UK completing my Doula UK approved training course with Nurturing Birth in September 2017.

I trained with Susan at Vitality Holistic Massage and Beauty Training and specialise in Swedish Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Holistic and Beauty Facials, Indian Head Massage and Reflex Zone Therapy. 

Prior to becoming a Doula I had an established career in the Pharmaceutical Industry developing years of NHS experience. 

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Many people suffer with constipation and have to rely on medication to ease the symptoms of abdominal pain, bloating, cramps, wind and infrequent bowel movements.

There is a pleasant alternative - Abdomen and Bowel Massage


Non invasive
Can reduce the need for long term laxative use and enemas
No known adverse side effects

30 minute session - £25

Clients will be taught self massage to use between treatments and treatment will include Foot Reflexology and Hand Massage

Please note: The treatment outcome is NOT guaranteed and it is not a medical treatment. 

Not suitable for clients with the following:
History of malignant bowel obstruction, History of inflammatory disease of the intestine, Spastic colon (not to be confused with IBS) Pregnancy, Unstable spinal injury, Recent scarring, Skin Lesions


Pregnancy Massage can help alleviate many of the symptoms and conditions associated with pregnancy. During this amazing time of physical and emotional change, massage can be of enormous benefit to both the mother and baby


Studies show that women who receive regular massages have fewer complications during their pregnancy and labour and that their babies are more settled and content, suffering fewer baby ailments. Although pregnancy is a wonderful time, many changes take place in the mother's body as the baby develops. This can put strain and pressure on the joints, ligaments and organs causing some pain and discomfort which massage can help alleviate. The stimulating effects of the massage strokes help to increase circulation, which will increase the flow of nutrients delivered to the baby via the placenta. Massage aids the lymphatic system by stimulating the white cells of the immune system, encouraging the elimination of waste and toxins, which will help relieve oedema or swelling.

Another benefit of receiving regular massage during pregnancy is that the mother can be more aware of her own body, with the increased ability to relax during the 1st stage of labour. This often results in shorter, easier and less painful births and a lower ratio of postnatal complications.Furthermore breast feeding is often more successful due to the increase of Prolactin and mammary development.

Massage During Pregnancy has Been Found to Help Alleviate: Muscle tension Muscle spasm & cramping Sciatic Pain Swelling Oedema Back, neck and shoulder discomfort caused by hormonal and postural change

It Can Also Help Improve

Quality of Sleep * Reduce headaches * Relieve heartburn * Balance mood-swings and help depression

What will happen during your massage

We ask you to bring along your anti-natal pack and will carry out a consultation and explain the procedure to you.

A normal massage will include working on the Arms/hands, legs/feet, whole back/shoulder, abdomen and face and scalp. If there are areas of the body that you do not wish to massaged, this will  be respected and your massage will be adapted for your comfort.

During the massage you will be lying on your side and supported by pillows for you safety and comfort.

The Massage helps to prepare your body for the changes that occur during this special time and will help to promote a healthy, happy pregnancy, as well as labour and recovery period.

Pregnancy Massage

60 minute appointment £40


MLD may help people with the following conditions:

Oedema (Fluid retention)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME)


Post Operative Breast Cancer

Post Operative Cosmetic Surgery

Facial Skin Conditions (Acne, Rosacea, Puffiness, Tired Eyes)

Low Immunity

Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Pain (Therapeutic touch releases endorphins which help to control pain)


Pregnancy Oedema

Dysfunctional Respiratory System (Asthma, COPD)

Digestive Problems

Hormonal Problems


Post Cancer & Mastectomy Therapy It is particularly useful for the treatment of lymphoedema and swelling that is often seen in response to cancer treatments such as radiotherapy. Its specialized pumping technique can be used to prevent or treat lymphoedema and improve lymph drainage.  The aim of MLD is to encourage the extra lymph fluid to move away from the swollen area so it can drain normally. Ultimately it aims to clear blockages so that excess fluids will be pushed out of the affected areas - MLD also aims to prevent fluids accumulating again.

Susan takes her clients health very seriously and may request a GP/Oncologist referral letter before treatment may be carried out.

Full Body Massage      £50         1 hour 

Lower Body                  £30         30 minutes

Upper Body                  £30         30 minutes

MLD Facial                    £40         45 minutes

MLD is a very specialised treatment and every client has individual needs which can be met by tailoring the treatment.  Please contact Susan to discuss your condition and together you can make a decision as to the type of treatment carried out and the duration.

Susan Practices MLD as taught by GATEWAY training and holds a Diploma in Manual Lymphatic Drainage which is accredited by The CMA, The Guild of Holistic Therapists, CTha and the FHT.  The techniques used during the massage are similar to the German Vodder  techniques. The therapy does not include compression wrapping.



Swedish body massage stimulates the cardiovascular and lymphatic system to improve circulation and help eliminate toxins from the body. It improves muscle tone, energizes the nervous system and relieves tension and stress. It can be invigorating; lots of "hacking" and "kneading" or gentle and relaxing, either way it is always tailored to meet the client's individual needs.

Full Body £35.00 (60 mins) 

Back Massage £25.00 (30 mins) 


Aromatherapy massage is a slow, deep and totally relaxing, therapeutic treatment using essential oils to encourage the body's own innate healing. With their varying properties, essential oils can help ease physical and psychological conditions by uplifting, relaxing, energizing, invigorating, calming and stimulating mind and body. The Greek physician and philosopher Hippocrates said "everyone should have an aromatherapy massage every day" A WISE MAN INDEED

Full Body £50.00 (75 mins)

Back Massage £30.00 (30 mins) 


Indian Head Massage is an ancient art. Its origins lie in the traditional Indian system of Ayurveda, the most ancient form of healing, whose texts, which date back nearly 4000 years, detail the importance of massage. Ayur means "life" and Veda means "knowledge". Indian Head massage, therefore, is based on the holistic principal of balancing body,mind and spirit to promote health, longevity and well being. It is usually performed in a seated position but can be adapted if the client would prefer to lie down. It is a very intense massage incorporating neck and shoulders as well as the head for an all round STRESS BUSTING EXPERIENCE

£30.00 (45 mins)

EAR CANDLING (Thermal Auricular Therapy)

An Ear Candling treatment can be helpful for easing sinusitis, stress, headaches, earache, Bell's Palsy and is an excellent pre-flight treatment to help alleviate ear popping. The candle is lit and placed gently into the ear and held in place by the therapist throughout the treatment. As the candle slowly burns in on itself it creates a gentle suction action, which in turn creates a massaging like effect on the eardrum. The sound of the candle is often described as soothing and relaxing. Once both ears have been treated the candling is followed by a facial massage designed to help drain the sinuses and a neck shoulder and scalp massage to promote deep relaxation.
I use Biosun candles as these have an internal filter and carry the European Safety Standard Symbol. Ear Candling is NOT a medical treatment and will not be performed on anyone with a perforated eardrum, grommets, an ear infection or if the ears have been syringed or candled 48 hours prior to treatment

£35.00 (45 mins) 


Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Spiritual (Rei) Energy (Ki). Reiki is best described as a Japanese relaxation technique that supports the body's own natural healing process. The client lies fully clothed upon the therapists couch and Reiki is channelled via the therapists hands onto the clients body. The client may feel this energy as heat, cold or a tingling sensation. Reiki works by balancing the body and can enhance personal growth, develops positive attitude, increases energy, release stress and help promote healing of the mind, body and spirit. The energy does not come from the therapist but is drawn by the client - the therapist is simply a facilitator. The client takes what he or she needs at that moment in time.

£35.00 (60 mins)

£25.00 (30 mins)

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and run regular Reiki Workshops and Training. Reiki is open to anyone who is interested in learning about this gentle healing energy. If you would like more information about First Degree Reiki Level I (self healing) and Second Degree Reiki Level II (healing of self and others) please contact me for an informal chat or for more information check the Navigation Bar Headed "Reiki Training Courses"


“Time is a great healer but a lousy beautician”...
not sure who said it but ooch - doesn’t the truth hurt! Treating yourself to a regular Holistic Facial cannot turn the clock back but can help you to maintain those youthful looks and because it is such a soothing treatment it can also ease tension and stress which can be a major factor in the aging process. The facial starts with a double cleanse to give the face a fresh clean feel. A toner is then used to help close up the pores. Essential oils are then massaged into the skin.The massage includes arms, neck, and shoulders followed by meridian pressure point massage on the face and finishes with a deeply relaxing scalp massage. The oil is then gently removed and the face is moisturised.
This is one of my most popular treatment.

£35.00 (45 mins)


The soles of the feet mirror the body and by working on the reflexes of the feet, Reflexology stimulates the body's own potential to heal itself both physically and emotionally.During a Reflexology treatment  all the organs, bones and systems of the body are stimulated. This is a wonderfully relaxing treatment and starts with a foot massage to relax the feet, followed by acupressure to the soles and tops of the feet which stimulates the reflected systems and organs of the body. The treatment is rounded off with a relaxing foot and lower leg massage which leaves you feeling refreshed and "walking on air"

£35.00 (45 mins) 


Peruvian Basalt Stones, specially selected for their heat retaining properties and purity are warmed in a temperature regulated heater and once at the correct temperature some are placed upon the body whilst others are used, in conjunction with essential oils, in hands on massage. As the warmth of the stones cocoon you and the heat permeates through your body you feel your muscles melt and your worries and concerns simply evaporate as you lose yourself in this amazing treatment.

The effects on the physical body of the warm stones is far greater than manual massage.The application of heat will stimulate the system yet create a state of calm sedation. It has been said that one stroke with a warm stone is equivalent to up to 10 strokes with the hand.

Full Body £50.00 (75 mins)

Back £30.00 (30 mins) 

Facial £40.00 (60 mins) 


This Thai-Style Massage incorporates herbal heat compresses for a fantastic traditional yet modern body and facial treatment to deliver a wonderfully powerful body purifying and detoxifying treatment. Once the tools of traditional Thai healers, the compresses are praised for their holistic approach, treating the mind, body and spirit to improve the body’s capabilities of self healing. The compresses contain over 14 traditional Thai herbs including Kaffir, Lime, Turmeric and Lemongrass—all herbs renowned for their invigorating and purifying properties, plus camphor and menthol to ease respiration. They are heated in the purpose designed Thai-Style steamer and used on the body with luxurious hot blends of essential oils.

The treatment purifies, relaxes, relieves aches and pains and improves the skin condition whilst stimulating the senses. If you like Th. Hot Stone Massage you will LOVE this fabulous treatment.

Full Body £50.00 (75 mins) 

Back £30.00 (30 mins) 

Facial £40.00 (60 mins) 


The massage starts with the cleansing of the feet and hands with hot towels and continues with light pressure from the giver’s fingers, hands and a traditional wooden stick. All parts of the foot, lower legs and the hands are included in the treatment and involves hands on stretching, massage, stimulating reflex points and follows the Thai energy lines (Sen). It has elements of Shiatsu, Reflexology, Chinese massage and Yoga incorporated into the massage itself. It is said to stimulate the activity of internal organs and thus is hugely beneficial for optimum internal health. It is still taught by Buddhist monks in the temples of Thailand. There are zones and reflex areas in the feet which correspond to all glands, organs, parts and systems of the body. The therapist assists the body through applied pressure which stimulates all the reflexes, nerve connections and energy pathways that extend from the feet to the rest of the body balancing the body, mind and spirit. Thai Foot Massage could help to improve the functions within the body systems for health promotion by stimulating the circulatory systems of blood and lymph. It may also relieve some problems such as constipation, asthma, gall bladder problems, cystitis, headache, renal disease, migraine, sinusitis and stress

£30.00 (60 mins)


Facial Rejuvenation Massage is often referred to as “The Non-Surgical Face Lift” or “The Indian Facial ” Massage and works on a physiological and emotional level to help make the skin look better and the client feel “uplifted”

Most of the skin is made up of connective tissue, which is formed from fibres such as collagen and elastin. These fibres weave together to form a web like structure. In younger skins, these fibres slide past each other freely, giving suppleness and flexibility but over time the fibres begin to lock together so that the skin loses much of its mobility. The Facial Massage help to restore skin suppleness by toning collagen and elastin fibres, gently allowing the connective tissue to regain its freedom of movement and elasticity. Acupressure is used to stimulate the meridians and gentle massage techniques work on the muscles to help firm, lift and “plump up” the face.

Facial Massage calms and soothes the nervous system, inducing relaxation and positive emotions. If you feel good, it will always show in your face.

A Facial Rejuvenation Massage cannot turn back the clock nor can it iron out your wrinkles completely, remove the bags from under your eyes or get rid of your double chin (only radical, expensive and painful surgery can do that) but what it can do is give your face a gentle boost making you feel better and as a consequence, look better.

£35.00 (60 mins) 


The skin is the largest organ of the body and also the BIGGEST eliminator of waste! We are constantly shedding skin cells (up to 90% of household dust is skin!) so body brushing will help remove dead skin cells and also help to speed up the body's natural process of detoxification as the brush strokes are always directed towards the heart following the lymphatic flow. Cellulite can also be treated with a special brush that helps to break down fatty tissue and aids lymphatic drainage. To reinforce the effects of body brushing and achieve a really soft, healthy looking skin, exfoliation is the key. It sloughs off dead skin cells that make the skin look dull and lifeless and prepares the skin for moisturising, enabling better absorption. This is important as moisturising helps the skin to remain supple, to support it’s lipid structure and provide protection. Massaging in body care products will increase circulation, hydrate the skin and help with the firmness of the skin.

 *Add in an Abdominal Massage and Hot Towel and Rassoul Back Mask for a totally luxurious Detox Treatment.

Full Body Brush, Exfoliate and Moisturise £40.00 (60 mins) 

Back Brush, Exfoliate Hot Towel, Back Mask and Moisturise £30.00 (30 mins)

* With Abdominal Massage, Hot Towel and Back Mask  -  £60.00 90 minutes


Chair massage is perfect for those who want a massage but find the idea of removing their clothes a frightening prospect! The massage is done over clothes, which act as the lubricant so there is no need to use oils. The whole of the back, shoulders, neck, arms and head are included in this massage. Ideal for people who find it difficult to lie down but who would really benefit from massage. Chair massage is ideal in a work environment or if you require massage at any corporate event or show as I only require a small area in which to work and clients remain
fully clothed.

£15.00 per 20 mins 
£25 for 30 mins 


Cleanse, Tone, Exfoliate, Nourishing Mask, Hot Towels Scalp Massage and Facial Massage with warm oils make this a most amazingly relaxing luxurious treatment. Not only will your skin look and feel amazing but you will FEEL AMAZING TOO - Relaxed, Refreshed, Rejuvenated. Includes a Foot or Hand Massage

I use The Earth Works Cosmetic products in all my facials - paraben, sls and mineral oil free products made locally in Rothwell 

£55.00 (60 mins) 

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Susan Davis is the Proprietor of Vitality Holistic Massage and Beauty Training. Her treatment and training room is in Rothwell and is located just off the A14

NN14 6AY

Phone: 07708 995 892

Monday-Friday 9am - 8pm

When booking a first appointment please allow an extra 30 minutes consultation time. You will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire and sign a declaration. Some medical conditions are contra-indicated and may need a note from your Doctor before treatment may be given. Please mention any current medical conditions you may have prior to booking an appointment. Thank you.

Please note  No claim has been made to cure or guarantee benefits of treatment. Complementary therapies are not medical treatments and are undertaken at the clients own risk.  Complementary therapies should never be regarded as an alternative to alopathic medicine. Clients should never stop taking medications prescribed by their primary health care profession. 

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