“Staying in is the NEW going out”

A Pamper Party is a wonderful way for friends to enjoy a get together.

Pamper Parties are for up to 6 people and are held at my home in Rothwell enabling you to chat and relax in the comfort of my cosy “Pamper Lounge” or if you want me to come to your home that's fine too (travel expenses will be applied)

At £25.00 per 25 minute treatment you can choose

1, 2 or 3 therapies for a total

“Chill Out Experience”

6 friends time permits 1 treatment each

3-4 friends time permits 2 treatments each

2-3 friends time permits 3 treatments each

Choose from:
Holistic Facial, Beauty Facial, Back Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology,  Reiki, Luxury Hand Treatment, Leg and Foot Massage

Holistic Facial – 25 minute facial; starts with a double cleanse, then the skin is rebalanced with toner. The massage is totally relaxing and includes massage to the neck and shoulders as well as an acupressure massage on the face which stimulates the energetic system. The facial works on the mind, the body and the spirit for a total holistic experience. Kaeso Organic Products are used which are SLS, Mineral Oil and Paraben free.
Back Massage – 25 minute back massage; can be deep, helping to unwind those knots or can be deep but relaxing. Choose from a selection of aromatic oils.
Indian Head Massage – 25 minute head massage which includes the upper back, neck and shoulders as well as the head and the face – a real STRESS BUSTER!
Reflexology – 25 minute treatment using the acupressure points on the feet to balance and relax the body.
Reiki – 25 minutes of energy healing. The client is fully clothed and relaxes on the couch whilst the therapist places her hands on the clients body. The client may feel a warm gentle glow spread through the body as she takes what she needs from the Reiki (Rei – universal. Ki – energy) This treatment is calming, relaxing, balancing and healing and the energy comes through the practitioner, not from the practitioner. See the Reiki website:
Luxury Hand Treatment – 25 minutes comprising of exfoliate, mask and massage and if the nails are unpolished, a buff and shine. Never underestimate the power of a hand massage – it is SO relaxing!

Leg and Foot Massage – 25 minute leg and foot massage for those tired and aching legs and feet. Choose from a selection of oils to uplift, relax or ease tired muscles.


My Red Letter Pamper Days offer a complete day of relaxation. A day where you can completely and utterly indulge yourself in a Stress Free Environment and just CHILL OUT!


The day is tailored to your individual needs and with a whole list of treatments to choose from you can escape from the outside world for a few hours and leave your troubles behind.

A typical day could consist of:

9.30am Coffee and a chat

10.00am Body Brush and Exfoliate

11.30am Reflex Zone Therapy

1.30pm LUNCH (provided)

2.30pm Th Hot Stone Therapy

4.15pm Luxury Facial

5.00pm HOME

The cost of a RED LETTER DAY is £150

It’s not Ragdale but I promise 100% dedication to my client and her well-being. It is my aim to make my client feel relaxed and VERY SPECIAL.

Or why not share your day with a friend? 

A Red Letter Day for 2 is just £180

Alternatively I can arrange for a second therapist to join us if two people want to have an indulgence day together with a full day of treatments each. £150.00 per person